The Ritz-Carlton TikTok Launch


How does a luxury hospitality brand establish a presence on an app that is constantly evolving, where new trends and creators emerge each day, and where spontaneity and DIY aesthetics are a mark of authenticity?

In the ever-changing social media landscape, TikTok is the epicenter of trends, creators, information and entertainment. We knew that it was crucial for The Ritz-Carlton to become a part of this conversation, and that it was the perfect brand to lead in the hospitality space on the platform.

With the brand already receiving thousands of mentions, it was an ideal time for The Ritz-Carlton to share its irresistible slice of luxury escapism across everyone’s FYP (For You Page) – and that is exactly what we would do.

But, before we could dive in, we had to zoom out. The Ritz-Carlton, known as a pinnacle of luxury hospitality for many years, needed to stay consistent with that message going into launch, even on a platform that can seem less than interested in considered refinement.

We knew our goal was not to reinvent our point of view – to do so would inevitably feel forced and inauthentic. Instead, we sought to maintain an elevated style while still taking advantage of opportunities to be playful and reactive to trends, finding a perfect balance between the ethos of The Ritz-Carlton and the aesthetics of TikTok.

Strategy & Execution

Our first assignment was a bit of self-reflection — what kinds of content did we already like to see and interact with on the platform? A baseline of consumer knowledge and preference would inform the kind of content we created for the brand.

Second, we looked at the wealth of content The Ritz-Carlton had created in the past — what could we use for TikTok, and how would we use it?

Third, what was our angle on the platform? How would we approach our channel to offer something different than any other travel content available?

In answering these questions, The Ritz-Carlton would be something of a pioneer. Consistent, comprehensive, and best-in-class luxury hospitality content from brands on TikTok had something of a unicorn status — often spoken of but rarely seen.

After much research we settled on three strategies to lead our execution on the platform.

First, The Ritz-Carlton would deliver a slice of luxury escapism to its audience by publishing short aspirational content, mixing both high-production assets and low-fi handheld content. Even our high production content would retain TikTok-first characteristics, never feeling like something repurposed from elsewhere and posted as an afterthought.

This approach would establish the brand as holding true to its luxury roots, while also interweaving the type of content that is more favorable for the platform. Additionally, our strategy would ensure that consumers seeing our videos on their FYP would not assume it was a “typical ad” and instead would pause to watch. Our content would stay relevant to the platform in terms of aesthetics and point of view, while standing out through our exceptional experiences and destinations.

Second, The Ritz-Carlton would carve out different content franchises that are easy to digest and aesthetically pleasing. Through our “10 seconds in'' content franchise, we could draw in users who like fast cut moments of dreamy locations. Through our “5 Spots to Make Memories” franchise, we could offer deeper information, sharing where to go and what to do in a city for consumers seeking more from their travel. Lastly, through our staff videos, we could showcase the brand in what we do best — our service.

Third, we also knew that our Q4 2023 launch needed a smart paid social strategy to be seen. We amplified our content to both a new generation of luxury consumers on TikTok as well as our traditional luxury consumers, with 60% of the users being next-gen and 40% being traditional.

With all these pieces in place, The Ritz-Carlton joined TikTok in late 2023.


The results from our emergence into the world of TikTok? Over 40 million views, 20k new followers, and an average 11% FVR (Focused 6-second View Rate) and $.05 CPFV (Cost Per Focused View). Top performing posts reached 18% FVR, exceeding benchmarks by 50%. Speaking to the strength of our luxury hospitality point of view on TikTok, our engagement rate ranged from 6-10%, beating channel benchmarks by 2-3.5x — achieved through compelling content choices that drove interaction. Our audience reminiscing on cherished travel moments or looking forward to adventures ahead has always been a high point of The Ritz-Carlton on social, and we were thrilled to see this carried through yet again on a new platform.