St. Regis - Designing The Best Address


St. Regis resorts unite the tranquil and exquisite in the world’s most inspiring destinations. In 2023, the brand introduced The St. Regis Kanai Resort, Riviera Maya.

For a resort opening of this caliber, St. Regis needed more than an announcement. It required the sharing of an exquisite story, bringing the brand’s audience inside one of its most stunning escapes. To create this in-depth look into its newest resort, St. Regis created a first-of-its-kind for the brand Design Video Series, made to be shared through the St. Regis social media channels.

Designing the Best Address

The video series was carefully planned to incorporate each element of what makes a St. Regis resort experience so exquisite in Kanai across 4 installments — architecture, interior design, destination, and the rituals and traditions that define St. Regis as the House of Glamour.

This video series was conceived entirely for social media with Instagram Reels specifically in mind — 9x16 format, each part under a minute in length, and including burned-in captions to tell a complete story no matter how audiences interacted with it.

To create a comprehensive visual narrative, the video series brings together captivating moments at every scale — sweeping aerial shots above the Caribbean coast, close attention to meaningful details, and using talent to capture an ideal guest experience at the center of it all. To deepen and expand on the visual narrative, the videos also include the brand’s largest implementation of voiceover in social content to date. Accompanying audio and captions further tell the story of Kanai, emphasizing the roots of its design, its landscape, and the exquisite moments that it holds.


Success for the Designing the Best Address video series was measured in reach and video views, with the series generating over 800k impressions and 850k views. Based on these metrics, the campaign exceeded expectations. By taking an expansive approach to presenting the story of a tentpole hotel, the Designing the Best Address series showed that focusing on in- depth social-first video can capture the attention of the luxury travel audience and generate
strong brand awareness.