The Luxury Collection - Hotel Stories


Building brand distinction and affinity by deepening storytelling, while Inspiring travel to our hotels and destinations.

From a hotel housed in a 13th-century Augustinian monastery to a gallery of art spanning from lobby to guest room, each of the hotels in The Luxury Colelction offers a unique experience and a one-of-a-kind story. In order to deepen storytelling on social channels, we prioritized creating content that would dive deeper into the hotels’ rich stories and histories as well as highlight the unique experiences available with The Luxury Collection. We also wanted to shift our content strategy to incorporate the emergence of new social formats as well as satisfy current consumption trends, such as “edutainment” — blending both educational and entertaining messaging in a way befitting a luxury brand.

Strategy & Creative

We launched two new Reels franchises (Hotel Stories and Experiences) to drive brand differentiation on digital channels, helping to maintain The Luxury Collection’s leading position in experiential luxury. These Reels are informative yet immersive, taking viewers into our hotels and giving them a look into exclusive experiences.

The Hotel Stories franchise shares the stories behind our hotels — from interesting histories and guest legacies to architectural quirks, designs, and more. To share the countless hotel and destination experiences available to guests, we created the Experiences franchise to expand upon the unique activities available with and through the hotels — an authentic cooking class in a small village of Costa Navarino, a private bookbinding class at a Madrid workshop dating back to 1907, and more.

Videos were kept short, focusing on the most interesting aspects of each hotel and experience in a storytelling format that is preferred by viewers, using voice-over or caption overlays to share more details. While tailoring these Reels to audience’s preferences, we also prioritized creating content that still felt elevated, staying true to brand storytelling pillars and keeping to the level of quality that is expected from The Luxury Collection.


In the first two months, we saw an impressive response from the target audience on these Reels with 3.2M impressions and 160.5K engagements. This content has also shown a 13.3% engagement rate, 2.5x higher than the average engagement rate for the preceeding year and 14x higher than the industry standard, proving that these Reels franchises are resonating well with the target audience.